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Full Elevation Model of Possum Kingdom Lake

Combined Digital Surface Model and Bathymetric Model derived from Isobaths

Click here to view the 3-D Model. My goal for this project was to create a 3-D model for Possum Kingdom Lake that included the lake bottom and surrounding shores. This section of the lake was selected as an area of interest due to the unique topography. Two large cliffs create what is know as Hell's Gate. One side of Hell's Gate is an Island with steep slopes while the other narrowly connects to land. The DEM was acquired from TNRIS, Texas Natural Resource Information System. The 1 meter isobaths for the lake came from Brazos River Authority. Each isobath represented a change in 1 meter of depth. To reduce the number of contour lines used to interpolate a DTM I selected isobaths where modulo 10 equaled 0. I then clipped land DEM with a polygon of the lake. As a result the lake surface would equal 0. Using the Raster Calculator the DTM was added to the clipped DEM only where the DEM was equal to 0, or where the water was. Using this new raster surface with the Qgis2threejs plugin a 3-D model was generated along with HTML to imbed the model. Click here to view the 3-D Model.

Python Script CMD PSQL

CSV to PostGIS Database

Github Repo >>

The goal of this script was to take a csv, clean the data, and insert it into a PostGIS database. Several Python libraries were used including pandas, geopandas, sqlalchemy, geoalchemy. Pandas and geopandas are are used for data analysis and manipulation. Geopandas makes using pandas easier with spatial datatypes. Sqlalchemy gives python applications sql toolkits. Geoalchemy is an open source spatial extension for sqlalchemy. In the future this can be modified to take a variety of inputs. One of particular interst would be taking stream data or data requested from an API that could rewrite or update previous data.

Easton Etter

Personable and analytical graduate from Texas State University possessing a Bachelor of Science degree. Aspiring to become a GIS professional where posessed cartographic, communication, and programming skills will be utilized to help organizations obtain their goals.